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Trees play a major role in controlling global warming. The trees utilize greenhouse gases, restoring the balance in the atmosphere. With constant deforestation, the ratio of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased, adding to our global warming woes. 3. Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Forests help to mitigate carbon dioxide and other toxic greenhouse gas emissions. However, once they’re cut, burned, or otherwise removed, they become carbon sources. It’s estimated that deforestation is responsible for around 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and due to tropical deforestation, 1.5 billion tons of carbon is released every year in the atmosphere. 4. Soil Erosion Trees are also crucial for our local water cycles as they keep on returning water vapor to the atmosphere. The soil remains moist as the rainwater percolates within the soil. The fertile soil is held in place by intricate root structures of many layers of trees. With the clearance of tree cover,


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